Sales Representative wantedSales Representative Needed!

Are you a people person with a history as a sales representative? We’re looking for someone that is able to seal the deal and make easy money in the process. The best part about working with Get Us Listed is that you can do this from the confines of your own home, or wherever you have a cell phone or WiFi connection.
** Sales Representative’s Responsibilities:**
– Motivated to make the sale without harassing the client.
– Friendly
– Able to make the sale without making the client feeling duped into something.
– Must be able to prospect, quote services properly, and finalize the sale (You will be provided a list of what we do, and how much we’ll charge.)
– Make at least one one time sale and one reoccurring sale per month.
**Sales Representative’s Benefits:**
– You will make between 10% and 20% per sale. Or roughly $100 – $200 each.
– All reoccurring payments for that sale I.E. Monthly billed services, will continue to earn passive income from that sale for 6 months, or you quit/are let go due to not hitting your monthly goal.
– Work whenever you want. The more clients you send, the more money you make.
**Sales Representative’s Requirements:**
– Must have SOME sales experience. Preferably 1-2 years of cold calling or email marketing.
– Skype
– Check in 2-3x a week on your progress via Skype or phone.
– Minimum of 2 sales a month.
Contact Us at,, with your history as a sales representative and your knowledge of the services we offer. If you currently have no experience with the services we offer, please be honest so we can work with you while helping to craft the proper emails and cold calling scripts. 
We look forward to hiring you as a member of the team and making some money together.