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Are You Paying Google for Clicks That Don’t Convert? An Expert PPC Audit Can Help

Many law firms invest heavily in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to attract clients, but struggle to get a positive return on their ad spend. Without expertise in keyword research, bid strategies, campaign optimization, and landing page conversion, it’s easy to hemorrhage money on Google Ads and other PPC platforms with little results to show for it. This article will provide an in-depth explanation of how a professional audit of your PPC campaigns can identify issues wasting your budget, and the strategic insights to realign campaigns for profitability.

Are You Paying Google for Clicks That Don't Convert An Expert PPC Audit Can Help

The Problem – Low Quality Clicks

A very common issue with legal PPC campaigns is attracting the wrong kind of clicks from ads. When keywords, geographic targeting, audience segmentation and other granular settings are not properly dialed in, many clicks come from people just loosely interested in legal services or browsing options. They are not viable, high-intent prospects seriously considering hiring a law firm. This influx of irrelevant traffic balloons costs without acquiring retained clients.

Another widespread problem is untracked conversions and unclear ROI. If the landing page isn’t properly tagged and optimized, there is limited visibility into what actions visitors take after clicking an ad. Do they call the office? Book a consultation? Hire the firm? Without conversion tracking, it’s impossible to accurately calculate the return on ad spend and optimize accordingly. Essentially you are flying blind, unable to connect clicks to quantifiable results.

Other common issues include:

  • Reliance on generic, low-value keywords that attract non-targeted traffic
  • Not segmenting audiences into tightly focused ad groups based on intent
  • Not optimizing settings for location, devices, best ad scheduling
  • Weak ad copy that fails to capture attention amidst competition
  • Landing pages that lack clear calls-to-action to convert visitors

With PPC, the devil truly is in the details. Over time, these unseen issues compound to waste money on low quality clicks and high bounce rates.

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The Solution – A Strategic PPC Audit

The most effective way to identify and address the problems sabotaging PPC campaigns is through an expert audit analyzing:

Keyword Research:

The foundation is identifying high-value keywords and theme clusters around specific legal services attracting clients likely to convert. An audit will determine:

  • Which existing keywords drive more conversions vs general traffic
  • New keywords and themes to target untapped audiences
  • Optimal match types for each keyword to maximize relevance
  • Keyword competition levels and volume to guide bids
  • Opportunities to consolidate keywords into tightly focused ad groups

An expert review ensures you gain maximum visibility for the keywords that matter – your profitable bullseyes.

Audience Targeting:

The audit will segment your audience into finely-tuned ad groups based on:

  • Demographics like age, income level, parental status for family law
  • Location such as metro area, zip codes, radius from office
  • Detailed topics ie divorce, child custody, mediation, etc
  • Ad scheduling when target users are most active

This alignment ensures ad visibility is focused on your ideal client profiles ready to take action.

Landing Page Optimization:

Your landing pages are where conversions happen, so the audit will assess:

  • Clear headline, sub-headlines, and value proposition
  • Prominent calls-to-action for phone/form conversions
  • Page speed and mobile optimization
  • Contact information is visible above the fold
  • Conversion tracking properly installed

Any friction here undermines the clicks you paid to acquire. Optimization removes friction and boosts conversions.

Bidding Strategies:

Your bids are calibrated to optimize returns by:

  • Analyzing conversion rates and click value by keyword and ad group
  • Adjusting bids based on max ROI for profitable clicks
  • Expanding reach for high-performing keywords within budget
  • Reducing bids on unprofitable keywords to cut losses

Continuously optimizing bids ensures maximum conversions within budget.

Performance Tracking:

With optimized tracking, we establish clear benchmarks to measure performance:

  • Click-Through-Rates, bounce rates, cost per conversion
  • Tracking ROI for each service line and practice area
  • Monitoring conversions by channel, campaign, ad group and keyword
  • Consolidating reports and insights through platforms like Google Analytics

Accurate performance data enables us to double down on what works and rapidly optimize underperforming areas.

As shown above, there are many places PPC campaigns can develop hidden cracks wasting budget. An expert audit gives you a blueprint to seal those budget leaks and align your AdWords or other PPC programs for profitability. For a free 20-minute consultation on optimizing your firm’s PPC performance, contact our digital marketing team today. Our audit and management will develop high-converting keywords, laser-focused targeting, improved ad copy, and strategic bids to maximize your returns. We will also provide easy-to-understand reports to communicate insights and track growth. Reach out today to stop wasted ad spend and start connecting with retained clients.

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