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Stop Losing Clients to Your Outdated, Unfocused Blog

Is your law firm’s blog costing you valuable clients? Many firms start blogs with good intentions but without a content strategy, it becomes an afterthought. Stale, outdated posts and unfocused scattershot articles slowly undermine your website’s credibility. This article will examine how poorly managed legal blogs repel prospects and hurt search performance. We will also explore how outsourcing blog creation to specialists can establish your niche authority and improve website results.

Stop Losing Clients to Your Outdated, Unfocused Blog

The Problem – An Unoptimized Blog Underperforms

Consider these negative impacts of a mismanaged blog:

  • Outdated Posts – Content from years ago sends red flag about your relevance
  • Too Few Posts – Infrequent publishing looks abandoned to users
  • Unfocused Topics – Random articles ignore what your audience wants
  • Thin Content – Short, generic posts lack insight users value
  • Poor Promotion – Hidden articles get no traffic/shares to spread ideas
  • No Calls to Action – Posts don’t convert readers into leads

This presents you as disorganized and out of touch. The blog fails to attract and nurture potential clients. Valuable website real estate is wasted.

Most importantly, it hurts organic search visibility. The more high-quality content you have targeting niche keywords, the better your rankings and traffic. An optimized blog also earns backlinks which boost credibility.

But with no strategy driving topics and promotion, you miss out on leads that competitors are getting from content marketing. Your blog should attract perfect-fit clients, not turn them away.

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The Solution – Outsourced Blog Creation

The ideal solution is having an experienced legal content team handle all aspects of blog creation, including:

  • Audience Research: Defining your target clients and their interests/questions to address in content.
  • Topic Planning: Creating an editorial calendar of post topics that attract search traffic and engage your audience.
  • Article Creation: Crafting posts around specific focus keywords to improve search visibility. Articles will feature insider insights from your attorneys, infographics, videos and other rich media for engagement.
  • Promotion: Optimizing posts for SEO through metadata as well as promoting new articles through email, social media and pay-per-click to maximize reach.
  • Lead Generation: Using compelling calls-to-action in articles as well as lead magnet offers for guides/webinars to convert readers into contacts.
  • Analytics: Monitoring performance in Google Analytics to continuously improve content.

The result is an asset that builds trust and authority with a steady pipeline of ideal prospects.

Your blog is prime real estate – make sure it’s attracting clients, not repelling them. By partnering with specialists, you implement an effective blogging strategy that supercharges your organic visibility and lead generation. Contact our team for a free review of your existing blog and recommendations to maximize its performance. You’ll get access to proven content creation frameworks so your blog publishes compelling, focused articles consistently over time. Don’t let your website underperform – leverage your blog’s potential to showcase expertise and acquire the clients you want.

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