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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Random Social Media Posts

Does your law firm invest hours in social media but struggle to generate any tangible leads? Without a focused strategy tailored to your practice areas and target clients, most random posts fall flat or feel irrelevant. Generic content might modestly grow followers, but fails to truly connect with potential leads ready to hire you.

This article will examine common pitfalls of ineffective social media use for law firms along with solutions to implement a targeted strategy for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Aligned tactics that highlight your niche expertise and understanding of ideal clients’ needs are key to cutting through the noise and converting social media traffic into tangible consultations and retained cases.

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Random Social Media Posts

The Problem – No Targeted Strategy

Firms often mistakenly:

  • Post random news and links without context – lacks value.
  • Overly share content from other sites vs original perspectives from their attorneys.
  • Focus too much on firm activities vs useful info for social followers.
  • Fail to promote content or run ads to expand reach beyond existing followers.
  • Do not target content and engagement by ideal avatars and buyer types.
  • Neglect encouraging conversions with offers and lead gen forms.
  • Lack integration between social media and website/blog content.
  • Do not track ROI – conversions driven by social channels.

This scattered approach erroneously expects organic reach alone will generate leads. Targeted, promoted content aligned to each platform’s audience wins.

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The Solution – A Strategic Social Media Strategy

To maximize results, law firms should:

  • Identify Primary Buyer Personas – Analyze ideal target clients on key demographics and interests. Tailor content accordingly.
  • Create Differentiated Content – For example, blog posts by practice area, short FAQ videos, attorney profiles, client success stories etc.
  • Promote Content Actively – Share posts via ads and organic on optimal platforms where key personas are active.
  • Include Clear Calls to Action – Links, offers, lead gen forms tied to top and bottom of funnel goals.
  • Engage Followers – Respond to comments, questions, and feedback. Humanize your expertise.
  • Leverage Employees – Attorney and staff posts and shares expand reach and credibility.
  • Cross-Promote Content – Share website articles on social and social posts on site to maximize visibility.
  • Track Performance – Install pixels on site and review social analytics to identify what content and platforms drive conversions.
  • Continually Test and Optimize – Adjust targeting, content types, engagement tactics, and ads based on results.

An orchestrated strategy tailored to each platform aligned to proven marketing methodology results in genuine leads.

Targeted social media tactics tailored to your clients are crucial for tangible results – not just vanity metrics. To discuss developing an effective social media marketing strategy connected to lead generation for your law firm, contact us. We’ll optimize your presence and activities driving real conversions across each platform.

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