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Bad Web Designers are Crushing Your Business, Here is what to look for…

Bad web designers are hurting businesses across the web, here are some stories explaining how, as well as things business owners can look for to keep them from doing it to their own business’s website.

bad web designers

Recently I’ve had numerous business owners tell me “no thank you, we have a web designer” after I gave them a laundry list of errors that are crippling their business online. Ironically, these errors were created and left by the same bad web designers they plan to rehire to fix them. Now one could ask themselves, would an electrician or plumbing company hire back the same employee who lost them hundreds or thousands of clients? Absolutely not! However, when it comes to a website the majority of business owners who have never relied on a website 10 or 20 years ago, now seem to not fully understand how vitally important they are to keep a business alive in today’s world with Google and Yelp searches.

ugly website design

Another sad reality of some businesses websites is they hire family members who “can do it for me for free” which are equally as bad web designers as the ones spamming you for work. Usually using sites with online templates such as Wix or Weebly. Both in which are horrible options for anyone who wants a website to outrank their competition. These templates are not only the same template your competition can use themselves; they’re not optimized properly for search engines. Leaving your site launching without even the proper meta tags installed.

Now, many of you may hear meta-tag. What is that? Let’s just say it’s a very important part of SEO, or search engine optimization (click the link for an in-depth explanation). The proper ones could mean the difference between being on page 1 of Google, or page 6. Where basically no one ventures.

bad website designs

Other clients have specifically notified me they have yet to get their business listed or claimed on the major business directories such as Yelp and YP. To make matters worse, they weren’t even willing to spend the $100 we charge in order to get them listed because their web designers told them the website is all they need while making their pitch for a design sale. Which is malarkey! It’s incredibly important for a business to also utilize not just a website, but also business directories that link back to that website as a method of using high authority websites in order to grow your backlinks. Backlinks are incredibly important for SEO, and good ones on top authority websites like Yelp and YP are going to show Google and Bing that your business is of value to customers. Therefore, higher rankings = more business = more clients = more money = business expands = family is less stressed = kids can inherit a successful business and the circle continues.


So, please, for the love of your family and employees. Stop hiring family members who created their own page using a template that looks cool with glittery gif’s that take forever to load to do your business website. Also, never rehire the same bad web designers that destroyed your past opportunities by neglecting to do even the simplest of tasks, like properly setup meta-tags. If your homepages browser title reads “Welcome” or the domain name, RUN! That designer is doing nothing to help you! If you right click on your homepage and hit view source, and cannot find a meta description, RUN! That designer is killing your businesses ranking in search engines. Finally, if your page takes forever to load on your phone and when it finally loads it’s not mobile friendly, contact your designer and tell them they’re fired. These people are killing your business.

Whether it’s us or some other company, hire people who know what they’re doing and aren’t setting you up for failure in order to make a quick buck for themselves. Don’t let a few bad web designers make you think all of us are that way either. For the most part these errors are not on purpose, or even due to laziness. It’s simply do to a lot of people calling themselves web designers because they know how to create a site, but they know absolutely nothing about how to market the website, or properly set it up for search engines.

If you believe your company falls under the category of bad web design, please feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a free site audit in order to determine if you’re correct in your assessment. If not, we’ll be honest and tell you you’re good to go. If you do fall under that category, we’ll simply suggest what we can do to help you, or suggest you hire someone else if the project is too much for us to handle within the desired time frame.

We hope we don’t have to hear from you, but if we do, we look forward to working with you to make your business grow its online visibility and make you some money!